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Site Planning & Design


Due to his extreme breadth of knowledge and expertise, as well as his talent to implement creative & artistic solutions, Bryan Morse has traveled to the points of the Globe and consulted on all manner of projects including Natural Swimming Pool design and construction in Thailand, Hawaii and South America. Bryan is available for consultation work and is willing to travel to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.  See some of our Testimonials

More than a design, it is an art to create the flow and harmony your outdoor spaces deserve. We believe that the garden is an extension of your living space and in creating your outdoor environment, we strive to Expand the Horizons of your home.

Examples of Design & Site Planning

Example of some  Unique Estate Project

The Artisans of Expanding Horizons are highly trained professionals. We specialize in molding natural materials into outdoor rooms through the installation of the following: See Below


At Expanding Horizons we take sustainable construction very seriously. We strive to take an ecological approach to all phases of landscape design and construction.  Find Out More...

Scope of Services


Art in the Garden

Botanical Gardens

  • Alta Vista Botanical Gardens: Morse was the Director of the Gardens, President & CEO of the Board between June 2010 and July 2016 (six years). Morse was an officer of the Board from 2003-2016 of the not for profit botanical garden called Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in Vista, CA. Morse has been actively developing this Garden from 2003 through his departure in mid 2016. Among other things, Bryan has been responsible for designing and developing the Garden path system, selecting and locating plants and placing over 50 pieces of Public Art in the Garden.
  • Pikake Botanical Gardens:  Of particular interest and merit is a privately owned botanical garden called  ‘Pikake Gardens’ in Valley Center, CA . This Garden was designed and built by Bryan Morse between 1998 and 2003;
  • Tree of Life Garden: This is a private Garden in Valley Center, CA The Tree of Life  based on the spiritual walk to enlightenment in the Kabbalah. This garden is built around original metal sculptures by Clint Crossly and features a California Natives plant palette and a concrete dome structure at its pinnacle.

Swimming Pools & Spas

Water in The Garden

Garden Structures

  • Garden Structures: From Patio Covers to Palapas and Gazebos.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Have always been extremely popular and with time have become increasingly sophisticated and complex
  • Concreter Counter Tops:  Thick Stone Slabs replicated by us
  • Pizza Ovens & Outdoor Fireplaces:  More people are adding these features to their outdoor kitchens and Gardens
  • Bridges: Garden Bridges connect disparate elements of a garden that otherwise would remain disjointed
  • Natural Rock: Garden Walls, bridges & Structures
  • Flagstone & Artistic Flagstone:  Patios & Walks with inlaid tile, brick or pebble work
  • Arches & Domes: The use of Arches & Domes in architecture is almost as ancient as man. They have incredible power and make a very strong statement in any setting. In our work, arches have been used extensively.
  • Antiquity Replication: Having lived for twelve years in Italy & Greece, Morse has a very strong background in ancient Roman & Greek history and culture. He has extensively photographed and studied their architecture and architectural details  with an eye to replicating them in his projects

Water Conservation

  • Tired of wasting Water? Expanding Horizons can offer you a wide variety of water wise options through smart solutions for water conservation.
  • Water  Saving Irrigation Design  and installation; we utilize Smart Timers connected to mini-weather stations and/or connected to weather satellites; Precision irrigation nozzles; Low Volume irrigation retrofits(drip irrigation); Rainwater Harvesting (collect & store rainwater for irrigation) plus intelligent   Drainage & Electrical installations
  • Water Wise Planting:  Carefully selected plant pallets that save water and create a lush and cooling feel
  • Green Roofs: Our company has been installing Green Roofs for years
  • Land Forming: Reshape the contours of your Garden
  • Plant Selection: We utilize an In-house Database of thousands of plants suitable for a Southern California Landscape from Tropicals to Desert and from Mediterranean to Alpine.

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