Botanical Gardens

Bryan and his Artisans at Expanding Horizons have dedicated considerable time and expertise into the Design & Construction of Botanical Gardens in Southern California.  For inspiration, Morse has visited, photographed and extensively studied Botanical Gardens all over the planet.

Pikake Botanical Gardens: Of particular interest and merit are a privately-owned botanical garden called Pikake Gardens in Valley Center, CA which was designed and built by Bryan Morse between 1998 and 2003;

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens: Morse is the current President/CEO of the Board of a public, not for profit botanical garden called Alta Vista Gardens in Vista, CA which Morse has been actively developing from 2003 to the present. Among other things, Bryan has been responsible for designing and developing the Garden path system, selecting and locating plants and placing all Art in the Garden.

The Tree of Life Gardens: This is a private Garden in Valley Center, CA based on the spiritual walk to enlightenment in the Kabbalah. This garden is built around original metal sculptures by Clint Crossly and features a California Natives plant palette and a concrete dome structure at its pinnacle.

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