Samples of NSP's

Video of a compact  Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pools (NSP’s) or Swim Ponds have become a phenomenon across much of Western Europe. Dozens of companies are actively promoting this hybrid form of a swimming pool and public enthusiasm for NSP’s is increasing every year. In Europe, this technology has been proven and is in wide use. In Germany and Austria there are many public NSP’s that service in excess of 4000 visitors a day. German Water Purity Standards are extremely strict, these pools have been regularly tested over years of use and found to be completely safe.

The purpose of this portion of our site is to educate and inform you about ‘Natural Swimming Pools’ or ‘Swim Ponds’. We have included useful articles, diagrams and links to sites around the world dedicated to the development and implementation of this technology.

Expanding Horizons is the only company in California actively promoting this alternative to a chlorinated swimming pool.

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