Mouth of Truth

Mouth of truth

THE MOUTH OF TRUTH  or “LA BOCCA DELLA VERITÀ” in Italian, is located in the portico of the Paleo Christian church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, at the foot of the Aventine hills. This Roman statue has attracted the attention and curiosity of tourists from all over the world.  The "Bocca della Verità", which in English means the Mouth of Truth, is an ancient stone mask from the Classical period (about 100 B.C.) that represents  the god  Oceanus with an open mouth, wide eyes and a flowing mane of hair.

The reason for its unshakable fame is a rather  macabre legend associated with the mask  since ancient times. If a liar puts their hand inside its mouth,  it will lose it.



Crafted from a mix of Marble dust and high-early cement,  this Replication (above) of the THE MOUTH OF TRUTH  by Bryan Morse is at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in Vista, CA

200011020002 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC)
Mouth od Truth 2 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC)

Created by Bryan Morse: The Mouth of Truth at Pikake Gardens in Valley Center, CA (left);  The Mouth of Truth in private residence in Menlo Park, CA (right).

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