Roots of Sustainability

The word “sustainability” may be relatively new, but its underlying ethic has deep roots on the North American continent. Native Americans have historically held to the “seven generations” rule, meaning that all decisions should take into account the impact on seven generations into the future. Well aware that people have the power to manipulate the world around them, Native Americans use their ceremonies and traditions to help them to maintain respect for life and to remind them that, as one Native American proverb puts it, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it” 

Sustainable Landscapes

  • Sustainable soil improvementAmend you soil with rich Humic Compost created from processed green waste; introduce Live Earth  Bio-Basics
  • Natural Swimming PoolsSouthern California's only builder of organically filtered and cleaned swimming pools.
  • Water conservationImprove irrigation systems to save water, not waste it.
  • Utilize natural and sustainable products such as stone and flagstone in your hardscape.
  •  and more...

Bryan is the current President and CEO of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in Vista, CA. At the Gardens, he has implemented an extensive program

SUSTAINABILITY at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens?

What is Alta Vista Botanical Gardens doing to implement sustainable practices?

Sustainability has become an important concept that is frequently in the news and in our minds. As a Botanical Garden in its formative stages, Alta Vista Gardens has wrestled with this concept often. How can we grow, plant and irrigate a Botanical Garden while maintaining the spirit of sustainability at A.V.B.G.? While striving to meet this challenge A.V.B.G has adopted many of the principles of sustainability.

We have pledged to be a chemical free zone. A.V.B.G. utilizes no chemical pesticides or fertilizers in the Garden.

As we plant our garden we amend the soil with humic compost, mushroom compost and worm castings. We also add worms as the organic content in the soil rises.

We do not rake up leaf droppings, this is compost and as it decomposes, it will return the nutrients and minerals that the plants drew out back into the soil.

It is our plan to create retention basins throughout the Garden to capture rainfall and have it soak in to replenish our aquifer.

We are dedicated to promoting the preservation of habitat for wildlife, birds and butterflies. To that end we are installing bird houses and planting the food sources that they need to thrive. We are also extensively planting the primary food sources for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Because we have used no chemicals, a natural balance is established and Lady Bugs can be found all over.

As much as possible we are installing drip irrigation, our irrigation controller is connected to a weather station so that we may efficiently micro manage the Garden’s water needs.

Apart from the wide variety of Fruits that are being planted at A.V.B.G., we are implementing a comprehensive planting program of Oak trees because... native Oaks support 517 species of butterflies and moths alone.

To really understand the concept of Sustainability, please watch the TED video of Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish it will be well worth your time.


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