Tree of Life

Tree of Life1I met my clients at the Garden Conservancy Spring Garden tour of  Pikake Gardens. Somehow we got to talking and when he discovered that I had created Pikake, he came up to me and hugged me. He told me that he had been looking for me (or someone like me) for a long time. Being hugged by a strange man surprised me but it was the beginning of a great working relationship and friendship.

I began to study the Kabala and the Tree of Life, not so much from a spiritual standpoint but from a technical one. The Tree of Life was developed to be a mental exercise and now we were going to build it on the ground in a garden so that people could actually walk it and physically experience this spiritual exercise. What really fascinated me was the  Sacred Geometry manifested by the intertwining relationships of the seven circles that define and locate the Sefras of the Tree of Life. For me, when a solution is so fundamentally elegant, there is always a more profound reason for it.

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